Patriots vs Bills Live

Patriots vs Bills Live | Dislike Sean McDermott has never contradicted Bill Belichick and the Patriots, so this won’t be anything new Sunday when the Bills have New England.

When he was with the Eagles, the groups played four times with New England winning three, including Super Bowl XXXIX. And afterward when McDermott wound up plainly guarded facilitator at Carolina, the groups played once amid his six years there and McDermott’s safeguard showed signs of improvement of Belichick and Tom Brady in a 24-20 triumph in 2013 Monday night amusement.Patriots vs Bills Live

Be that as it may, now comes a definitive test for McDermott – playing New England as a divisional rival. That is an alternate brute in light of the fact that Belichick has seen the Bills twice every year for 17 seasons, and despite the fact that the program turnover is by and large substantial in Buffalo from year to year, Belichick has a far more noteworthy comprehension of the Bills than McDermott likely has of the Patriots.

Belichick has smashed the Bills always, and McDermott needs to figure out how to overlook the shocking history and out-plot the ace rogue.

“I understand that that’s been a part of the past, and I respect the past,” McDermott said. “That said, we’re focused on right now and where we’re going as an organization; it’s building towards what we’re trying to become. They’ve been to where we’re trying to get to, and they’ve been there for a long time. That goes without saying. I’m confident in these guys; I’m confident they’ll put in the work this week, just like they do every week.”

Here’s my preview of the game:Patriots vs Bills Live

Three …

1. Can the Bills use their running game to keep Tom Brady off the field? I say it almost every week, but the Bills’ best chance to win against most opponents is to play 1970s-style football because they don’t have nearly enough talent to win games through the air on offense. The Patriots have the worst run defense in the NFL in terms of yards per attempt (4.9), and the Bills have to take advantage of that. This is sort of a no-name Patriots defense these days, and the Buffalo offensive line must win at the point of attack, something it hasn’t done all that much this season. The Bills have had 27 percent of their running plays stopped for zero or lost yardage, third-worst in the NFL, and LeSean McCoy has taken the brunt of the punishment on those plays. Last week, McCoy carried 22 times for just 49 yards and here’s why: There were 10 plays where he had zero or lost yardage, and another five plays where he gained one or two yards. That’s unconscionable for a team that needs to run to win.Patriots vs Bills Live

Patriots vs Bills Live

2. Will Tyrod Taylor let it all hang out? As I just laid out, the Bills’ running game has been wildly inconsistent, and while they need to run effectively to, at the very least, chew some clock and keep Brady on the sidelines, the Bills have to be more dangerous in the passing game. Taylor continues on as the least intercepted quarterback in NFL history (minimum 1,000 attempts) but why is that? Because he rarely takes a chance down the field. He can’t play conservatively in this game. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison has to give him the chance to make chunk plays, and Patriots vs Bills Live Taylor has to be willing to do it. The Bills attempted only five second-half passes in Kansas City, which is flat out ridiculous. No Kelvin Benjamin hurts, but Taylor has rarely had Benjamin since he was acquired a month ago. Zay Jones is starting to get settled in, Charles Clay is healthy, and Jordan Matthews should be getting to the point where, in a contract year, he feels the need to make something happen.

3. Can the Bills at least contain Brady and company? The Patriots are averaging nearly 30 points per game, and the Bills are allowing an average of 23.6 points per game, though it’s 36.2 in the last four games. This is not a good metric for Buffalo. The only way the Bills are going to slow down the Patriots is to create turnovers, and give their own offense some short fields to work with. Otherwise, it’s very easy to see a game where Brady marches his team up and down the field and blows Buffalo out of the building. The Bills will need to get pass rush pressure from their front four because blitzing Brady is almost always a bad idea. We all know about Brady’s dominance, but TE Rob Gronkowski has tortured the Bills through the years as well, and Buffalo still has no one who can cover him. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce was open all day last week, and Alex Smith never threw it to him. Do you really think Brady is going to ignore Gronk when he flashes open? Also, factor in WR Brandin Cooks who has given a deep game dimension to Brady, something he hasn’t had for several years. There are just too many weapons, and I haven’t even delved into the running game, and you know it would be just like Belichick to cook something up there with Dion Lewis, just because he can.

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